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Easily Track Delivery Status of Your Shipment on Your Phone

Delivery Tracking is a tool that lets you track packages. The app offers precise and up-to-date details that throw light on your item's location in the app’s built-in map.

Seamless Tracking

Delivery Tracking’s countdown feature keeps you in the know about your shipment's current location and when it would reach you. You may even opt to receive notifications relating to package updates so that you know your shipment’s current status at all times. Tracking orders from Amazon is as straightforward as naming the package. The tool would automatically paste tracking number details and find out the particular carrier that’s handling your delivery. Other important features of the tool include the ability to alter auto-refresh frequency, search the list of items, hide dock icon, and auto-start at the time of login.

Works with Multiple Carriers

Delivery Tracking lets you access tracking data for multiple delivery services, including lesser known service providers. It amasses all tracking information on its server so that accessing details can be promptly down. New deliveries can be added quickly, and notifications make sure you check shipment status without having to launch the app every time.As aforementioned, shipments can be assigned names, which makes it easier to differentiate shipments when there are multiple shipments on the way. Also, the app is fairly lightweight and it would not eat into your device’s data or storage too much.


  • Easy to use
  • Countdown feature
  • Map visuals look good
  • Ideal for people who receive multiple shipments


  • Free app has limited functionality
  • USPS tracking is not free
  • Tracking information is not always right
  • Past purchases cannot be imported

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